Last Modified: April 22, 2021
Thank you for your interest in our mobile and web-based applications, brought to you by Akili Interactive Labs, Inc.! We are excited to share our products and services with you! Below is our Privacy Notice for the applications and Akili’s related services - feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

We want you to be fully aware of what data we collect, what we use it for, how we store it, and how you can ask us to review, modify, or delete it - all of which we describe below!

By creating an Akili account or login profile for our apps or services, you are representing that you are at least 18 years old, that any email address you enter is your own, and that you consent to receiving product and/or treatment-related communications to that email address.

By downloading or using one of our applications or web dashboards, or by communicating or enrolling with Akili, its agents, or Akili Assist®, you are agreeing to permit Akili to process collected data in accordance with this Privacy Notice, which applies to all users of our products or services, including your child and other people (for example, teachers or caregivers) who you may have permitted or invited to use Akili’s products or services. Please do not use our products or services if you do not accept the terms of this Privacy Notice.

For information regarding data collected and processed via our various websites, please also see:
What data is collected?
When you register and create an Akili account or login profile, through download or use of our apps or web dashboards, if you enroll for EndeavorRx™ treatment via Akili Assist®, when you communicate with Akili or its agents such as Akili Assist®, or through submission of any Akili webforms, questionnaire responses, or other information relating to our products or services, certain data may be collected, whether from or applicable to you, your child, or another individual, as summarized below. This includes submitted data as well as data that is automatically collected by our products or services. For example:
  • name, nickname, or other personal identifier or personal information;
  • email address, phone number, physical address, zip code, or other contact information;
  • password;
  • age or date of birth;
  • gender;
  • activation code(s);
  • information you enter in our enrollment form(s);
  • any health insurance or payor information you choose to provide;
  • information regarding an individual’s (including your child’s) preferences, behavior, or symptoms;
  • your, your child’s, or any other individual’s responses to assessments or questionnaires, such as the Vanderbilt assessment or other cognitive assessment;
  • any photos, screenshots, or other images that are uploaded;
  • any disclosed medical information or diagnosis, including that of your child;
  • any collected gameplay performance data or measurements;
  • assessment data that is compiled using any collected gameplay performance data or measurements;
  • any text or other information entered in open text boxes or linked forms;
  • any information submitted via Akili Assist®;
  • any information submitted via our web dashboard(s);
  • any information you, your child, or any other individual submits in response to any survey we send;
  • if applicable, any provided payment, financial, or income information; and
  • technical information such as IP address, device type, or device operating system, including as collected when one of our apps is initially downloaded.
How does Akili use and protect your data?
Akili is committed to keeping your personal data strictly confidential as described below, and we will transmit and store your data in a secure and encrypted manner.
Your data will be used only:
  • to provide you with the tools, information, and functionality delivered through our products and related services, including but not limited to presenting you with the collected information;
  • to contact you or otherwise provide our support regarding your use of our products or services or any product recalls or modifications;
  • if you have enrolled for EndeavorRx™ treatment via Akili Assist®, to communicate with your healthcare professional or you (i) to confirm, obtain, or update your child’s prescription, (ii) to obtain information regarding your child’s treatment, or (iii) to help us collect any missing information on your enrollment form;
  • if applicable, to communicate with your pharmacy for the purposes of fulfilling or dispensing any prescription you’ve received for EndeavorRx™ treatment;
  • to fulfill any explicit request or consent by you to share any of the data with other individuals, such as sharing with other caregivers or physicians specifically identified by you;
  • to share relevant content with you related to pediatric ADHD or attention difficulties;
  • to ask for your feedback regarding our products and services;
  • to help us evaluate, improve, and troubleshoot our products and services;
  • to monitor and analyze usage and trends regarding our products and services;
  • to detect, protect against, and address any error, fraud, wrongdoing, or illegal activity, and/or to enforce our Terms of Use or carry out our legal responsibilities;
  • to de-identify certain data and use the de-identified data for scientific analysis, research, improvement of our products and services, and/or analysis or development of our business;
  • to process payment, if applicable; and
  • for any other purpose that is communicated to you or others when we collect or process any data or information.
Only Akili employees and our partners who need to know your data for the purposes described above will have access to your personally identifiable data, and Akili will ensure that all such individuals are subject to stringent obligations to keep your data confidential and to use it only for the purposes described above. We may also confidentially use or confidentially disclose your information in the event of a corporate change in control resulting from, for example, a merger, sale of assets, or bankruptcy, solely for the purpose of effectuating any such corporate change in control, and any such use or disclosure will continue to be subject to the provisions of this Privacy Notice. We will not otherwise share and we will not publicize any of your personally identifiable data without your express written permission.

If you have separately opted-in for marketing communications from Akili or our partners (for example, during registration or via our website), we may also use the contact, demographic, or other registration information you provide to reach out to you with product and research opportunities. You may opt out of any such communications at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the communication or by contacting

We may send the communications described above via phone, email, or SMS (unless you have not opted in for, or have opted out of, SMS), including using an automated dialer. Message and data rates may apply. You may opt out of any SMS messages by responding with “STOP”. To receive help, respond via SMS with “HELP”.
What if you'd like to review, modify, or delete your data?
If at any time you would like to review, delete, or modify any of your data that we’ve collected, please simply contact us at Akili will not discriminate against you for exercising any rights you may have under any applicable data privacy or security laws or regulations. Please note that Akili may retain certain of your data for applicable legal, regulatory, or other reasons that are permitted by applicable data privacy laws and regulations.
What if we change the terms of this Privacy Notice?
If we materially change this Privacy Notice, we will notify you by posting a notice on our website or notifying you via the email address you provided. Your continued use of one of Akili’s products or any related service or support following any such notification of changes will mean that you acknowledge and agree to the revised Privacy Notice.